Monday, January 18, 2010

Too Many Directions and Not enough Focus or Money

Ahh, I've dreamt about becoming a fashion designer ever since I can remember and now I'm 30+ and haven't become one yet, I've got two kids, very beautiful kids, too many cats a $900 cell phone bill from my brother and a serious lack of money. However, I still haven't gotten my dream of becoming a fashion designer out of my head.

Instead I set a deadline for myself, I'm going to become a fashion designer before I hit 50 and that's that's.

I've done a bunch of research at my downtown library on what I have to know to become a fashion designer and with a little brush up on my sewing skills and a good patternmaking course I'll be raring to go. Right now I'm working on my new collection and writing articles to make some practical money.

Seeing if I can design a collection without actually having the samples produced and still get hired by whatever company loves my design ideas. Cross my fingers hope to die.... Any way my collection has about 21 pieces and hopefully some Turkish clothing or textile manufactury will love it. I sure do so somebody else has to.

I want to see if I can finish doing the line work for sketches so I can start putting them all together in color and what not on the computer than you'll probably see them up here as well. Also what I plan to do is post it on every free fashion and portfolio site that's free that I can find, see what happens then.

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