Monday, September 26, 2011

Back From Pattern Making Dormancy

Well, it's been hard, the truth is my last post done around 2 months ago was also the last time I practiced patternmaking at all... I know, that's bad.

With all my strategy, timedoctor and disipline and things, it wasn't enough when some family issues cropped up on top of everything else and my patternmaking went and flatlined for a while. I was trying to find a way to get back on board, but it was happening though. Thanks to the advice of a friend of mine, she told me that "you have to make time for yourself and do the things you love, you can think better when you're rested and happy" well, she was right, so although I could have spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday writing web content (and being 'responsible') I devoted those three days to patternmaking practice, spending a little extra time with my kids and trying to be happy.

It was a good decision because, today I've already finished my quota of writing work having completed nearly all of the web content for one site (this was only two pages to cover) and an article on quilting for beginners, I may even have time to do some more patternmaking practice today. Cross my fingers there though, I've got house work to do and should read a bit more with my son.

I think the key to this situation is being responsible is about taking time out to do the things that are truly important and useful to yourself as well. For example, my writing may make money right now, but my patternmaking practice is an investment in the future, I have to stop passing it up so much.

Also, just because you love something, doesn't make it useless or just a dream, it's quite possible to love doing something that is financially practical.

Any way though, thanks to several days devotion, I'm now almost half done with the blocks in the book. When I'm done I'm going to re-make the main 24 pattern blocks in poster board. While working with these blocks during practice though I noticed that it's a lot easier and more accurate if I cut away all the seam allowances before transferring them for another pattern block, I can just trace them as I need them quickly and easily without using tape and just leave the transfer to the darts and other details. It's worked out good.

Next time, whether today or next weekend the latest, I'll be working on drafting a shawl collar for starters, something I've been wanted to learn for years.

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Okay, I've got to go right now than, got a bunch of errands to attend to.

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