Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Drudgery of Needing to Make Money at Home

Well now, to all you artistically talented people out there be forewarned, the site 'getpaidtodraw.com' is in fact one of those not-so-dishonest scams but a scam none the less. And here's the explanation as I suffered to discover it (I've just got my refund for it this morning through click bank though) okay, the site leads you to believe that they've got the secret info that will allow you to simply scribble something on a piece of paper and sell it, somebody will actually buy it online including the companies that sell stock photography and images on the web. Okay well I've already signed up for them before 'getpaidtodraw' came out and with this purchase I gave it a chance tried to get the ball rolling on some money making. I know this isn't fashion design but I'm living in the real world where my dreams are built of hard work and supporting my kids and cats at the same time, I need money not only to survive but also to pay for some more sorely needed education in the patternmaking area. I'm thinking about getting either elitepro's fashion design course out of Madrid, Spain, or Etelestia's fashion design and patternmaking courses out of Greece or Vancouver Community College's part time fashion design course.

And I've got some major blockages to get through, I'm going to have bad credit for a whole 6 years on account of that 900 dollar cell phone bill from my younger brother. I won't be able to get a student loan. My kids aren't old enough to go to school and I can't wait till six years, stop whatever job I manage to get to take a course and then fulfill my dreams. Well I'll have to find another way. If I hang in there with my writing job I'll eventually get paid more, I just need patience and discipline. As for that God Damn GetPaidToDraw, I'll let you know, most stock image places are looking for vector art, so if you've done a bunch of computer art in a paint program like adobe photoshop or something don't think you've got it made with a bunch of ready to use inventory. You have to have work available that was created in programs like Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw okay? Now if you've got a program called CorelTrace, you may be in luck, because like me if you've got great color block art you can dump your regular, jpeg file raster art in that program and convert it all to vector based graphics and voila, just a little extra work and you've got inventory. Well I haven't had the time to get that all done yet but I'll get too it.

Just to let you know aside from my kids, cats and house, the things slowing me down are my articles I need to make money with, my fashion collection I'm working on, research on how to make more money and figuring out how to make money and what the darn requirements are to submit my artwork in the first place. It's not simple. But that's okay I'll cut through the hullabaloo eventually and make it to the top of mount Everest eventually.

Word of caution though everyone, if you see one of those god forsaken sites on how to make money easy, remember this, it's not that its a lie flat out, they couldn't stay up for a hot second if they were, no, it's that the way they're talking about making money is a little too obscure, vague and or time consuming. Don't waste your time or your money, I took the chance so you don't have too.


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