Monday, January 25, 2010

Optimism that's not for "Optomists"

Yeah, I'll tell you like it is, you need to hold on to your dreams and not let go, ever, but on a daily basis it's hard because other than holding on to your dreams in your head you've got to sometimes have the discipline in your mind and heart to wait till you can actually take a tiny baby step toward that dream. It almost seems impossible at times but that's what it's going to take if you've got any chance at all to reach your goals that's what your going to have to do. Every time I look at that collection of mine, I love it, I miss it and I wish I had time to work on the dear thing. But life and how screwed up for time I am has me neglecting it in all ways but in my mind. In order to continue actively chasing your dreams you got to except the pain of holding on when times are tough. If you can do that, you've got a chance, by default. It's just going to take you longer unless you get lucky along the way, so just hold on.

See so far what's been going on is that I've got my writing assignments, I've gotten ripped of at the store for 38 dollars, and I'm too short of cash for anything, it's really sad. So it's important that I focus my time on work around the house for my kids and shopping for the stuff that's needed. When it's all done I've got no energy for anything else. With my teeth being broken and my knees hurting so bad it doesn't make anything easier. But I love my collection and I want to be a fashion designer, design beautiful clothes and make a lot of good money and my daughter will be able to look at me and say 'My mother is a fashion designer' and my son can admire me because I've made enough money and I don't need to whine at my husband and ask him for anything. I have control over my life and what I want to do. I'm somebody not because of what other people have done for me but because of what I fought to do for myself, because of talent I have that God gave me that I fought to hold on to use. That's what I'm doing. That's what I'm fighting to do.

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