Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Fight For Time

Ah yes, what will I do today, everyday that I can't get to my collection I plan on doing the line work on, taking pictures of them when they're done, loading them to the computer and coloring and touching them up in Adobe Photoshop. Because right now I'm breastfeeding as I'm writing this and I've got to go get a months worth of juice for my son and that involves a long trek to the store on Fraser Hwy on foot. That's going to take a good chunk of my time and energy. I've also got to think about writting more articles than two to catch up with the money lost last week and the beginning of this week. Not enough sleep last night either, finished up at 4 am. I'm not a loser though, I'm going to fight it no matter what I do, I am going to be a fashion designer! And I'm going to make enough money to start a large agricultural movement in Africa to utilize their native food crops and the vast expanses of desert. All with the money made from my beautiful fashion collections. I'm going to put my art to work.

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