Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Watch Current (and past) Fashion Videos

I've heard and read that the reason to watch fashion shows are to keep up with the latest trends,  and when it comes to collections of the past,  to gain insight and inspiration from what designers have done before.  And this is just one of the ways to get ideas for a new "original" collection of your own.  Other ways of course are to look at the different clothing styles from other cultures and periods,  looking at art and artifacts,  nature,  architecture even just checking out the new textiles, prints and fabric innovations can be a source of inspiration.

However these are designer's reasons to watch fashion videos,  Patternmakers have completely different reasons and approach to watching both new and old fashion videos. For example I was watching  Donna Karan's winter 2012/2013 collection a while ago and as a patternmaker I was inspired,  challenged and intrigued by the cut of the garments.  I found myself automatically wondering "how was that done?" and then challenging myself with the question of how and if I could do that myself for my own designs.  Take a look for yourself:

This was actually quite a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to it every time I watch a new fashion video now (or a retro one for that matter).

Designers come up with new design challenges and adventures all the time that work out to be a great way to keep a patternmaker's mind on it's tip toes.  It's actually made me head in the direction of looking into more speciallty patternmaking books as well,  right now I've got my eyes on Pattern Making Portfolio Skills and the Pattern Magic series.

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