Friday, March 30, 2012

I've Got My Lemon Tulip Lingerie Pattern Printed Out At Staples

I thought it would be taking me at least another month or so to finally get around to having my lemon tulip pattern printed out but what do you know,  I called Staples up to find out if I could do this online and... Well I couldn't because their system isn't set up to handle two different file sizes (poster and double poster size) but I could load the files onto a disk and bring it in for them to do.

On March 20th I had the money to do a little something and turns out it cost $13 dollars for the whole pattern print out.  Next time I'll be a little more efficient in my layout,  but I couldn't tell which size I could use by Staples' online restrictions that turned out to be irrelevant anyway.  They do larger sizes for example.  And it was like 36 cent a page,  not bad.  Here they are:  just click on it to get a closer look.

So now all I have to do is cut it out,  cut the pattern out in fabric and sew it up and put it on my dressform, then there'll be a piece in my portfolio to show off,  well,  the first and only piece till I've got more to show.  That reminds me though,  I forgot I can add the garment photos from my other previous client,  from last year.  That'll be great.

The other great news is that I'm a little over half finished with my client's 10 look collection,  she loves my work and would like to work with me over the long term.  I don't think there's a bigger confidence booster than someone liking to work with you (and of course liking your work) so much that they want to continue.  Hehehe,  she's in New York too,  fashion hub of America,  how cool is that?

Okay well when anything new comes up or I get a breather from my work and family responsibilities I'll be posting again.  I just haven't been able to get around to it.   I've got article rewriting projects to take care of aside from my patterns and money has been really tight.  Despite this though,  I want to set a strong moral tone for my son and start a monthly donation project with him.  Ever heard of Plan Canada?  I love what they're doing,  you can pick out "gifts of hope" to have sent to someone over seas.  So what I did is told my son how the program works,  and had him pick out two gifts that we'll be sending to someone... that is,  as soon as I get my payment for the last pattern I did.... still waiting for that one,  it won't be long though.  Even if it goes into the beginning of April I'm considering it March's donation and will be sharing the notification on Facebook then I'm going to let him pick another gift for the end of April.  For March, he's picked out 3 chicks and a mango tree.  He's a pretty smart little guy.

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