Monday, May 2, 2011

Seemingly Repetitive Pattern Practice

With over 250 pattern blocks to draft in Connie Amaden Crawfords book "Patternmaking Made Easy" and a desire to start work as a fully trained patternmaker, I was tempted to skip doing the pattern blocks that looked a lot like the previous ones I'd already drafted from earlier in the manual. My recommendation, don't skip anything. I felt a little bad about the temptation to skip these seemingly repetitive practice pieces so I did them anyway and I have to say, there's something very important about doing this, a few things actually. They are:

1. it helps to crystallize techniques in their different forms and usages
2. this helps you to remember them better
3. this also creates more confidence in your abilities to a degree of almost comfort

So no matter what comes my way with Connie's book, I'm going to do it because it's all for the best.

Now the bad thing here is that I started this blog post almost a month ago, I get times like that because I've been in the middle of having to make some cash while struggling to learn patternmaking. Unfortunately, my cash cow (a skinny, anorexic thing it is) is my freelance article writing and it's been soaking up my time like a dry sponge on a hot day. So I've had to hang onto my hopes and dreams with a mere thread of perseverance. (I always do that, I'm working toward better days)I do wish I could get paid to teach myself patternmaking though, anybody know how that can happen?? Any way, I've just opened up my first facebook shop this morning, where I'm selling the first of my free to sell ebooks on art and craft related subjects. Check it out: "28 Fashion Templates" The-Free-To-Sell-Renaissance-Arts-Crafts-Shop

Or if you'd like to order Connie's book to learn pattern making (I highly recommend this over all other patternmaking books) you can get it through my fashion squidoo lens at: Budget Online Fashion Design Schools and Resources


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  2. thanks Crimson House of Style, hope to see some more designs on your site soon.


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