Thursday, July 26, 2012

Butterick Size Compliant Bodice Pattern Block Completed All Sewn Up

Okay,  I wanted to find a nifty way to post both these images side by side so you could see them at the same time without scrolling.  Although my favorite thing to do is draft patterns and design clothes,  I do like finding great ways of using social media platforms as well and then sharing them with people.   If you'd like to know how to do this with your blogger photos, check it out at:

As I figured my pattern blocks turned out fine even though Butterick's size 6 measurements are 1/2 " off from  the ones for my dressform,  no biggy.   Now it's time for me to start making the torso blocks,  jacket/coat block and skirt blocks for this size and then grading it up or down for the other sizes,  actually,  I don't know what I want to do first there.  Maybe I'll grade it up and down a few times first,  just to review my pattern  grading book by Connie Amaden Crawford,  that book was worth the money just for a few of the key diagrams that are in there.

Front View Of Bodice Pattern
Side View Of Bodice Pattern

Speaking of books,  I'm really looking forward to my new ones coming from Alibris and The Book Depository,  I ordered "Fashion 101: a Crash Course in Clothing " a kind of history of fashion garments,  I know that's going to be a big inspiration as I love history too and the "Fashion Design Course: Principles, Practice, and Techniques: a Practical Guide for Aspiring Fashion" as my fashion design pick.   There's also a book of 600 designer elements and discussion of proportion and other proportion of design elements,  however before I order it I want to make sure it's not already covered in the design book that's coming.

So,  I'm going to streamline my book purchases by getting ones I think I can learn the most new,  most valuable stuff from,  rather then getting good books that cover information I've read already.  So I think my next book purchase will be either  "Pattern Cutting for Lingerie, Beachwear and Leisurewear"
by Ann Haggar or "Pattern Making" by Lo, Dennic Chunman which I've heard was a "holistic approach" to pattern cutting.  Apparently he's got stuff in there about John Galliano's pattern drafting techniques,  I can't wait to get my hands on that one.

As for when I make my next order,  I think I'm going to wait till the 20th of next month,  just to make sure I'm sticking with my budget and things because when you work as a freelancer,  you never know how the work flow is going to go.   Instead,  I'll just see how much pattern making stuff I can do and post in a bit of free time I may be getting over the next few days or so (if I'm lucky).

I've also been putting together an "Eco Friendly MakeUp Mall" on Pinterest,  to help prevent and raise awareness for breast cancer with all natural,  chemical and cruelty free cosmetics,  you can check it out here at:  and be sure to visit often for more product images/listings

If you're interested in my digital pattern making service (at $35 per garment pattern) contact me at or on my FaceBook page "Fashion Patternmaking And Design"

If you would just like to order basic pattern blocks for bodice,  torso,  coat/jacket or skirt you can place an order for the size and kind you need here at  my fiverr gig where I will draft a basic digital bodice or skirt pattern block in the size you require for $5

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