Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mother / Daughter Sloper Pattern Development

I started me and Salma's (my daughter) slopers a while back (was it about 2 - 3 weeks ago) but I haven't gotten a chance to cut them out and sew them yet to make a fitting.  Once I do I'll develop the torso blocks we need from them.  But here they are...I think it's kind of neat...

Actually,  by the time I get to it,  my daughter's sloper will probably need to be reworked, hahahaha,  but I just had to try it,  I graded/altered my size 6 sloper to make ours and it was pretty much a matter of moving the darts and their points in new locations and adjusting the bust side seam and widening the waist side seam and of course (sadly) shrinking the darts.  

Than when I had that done for my own,  I tried simply shrinking Salma's down by about half,  I think it was the overall bodice height measurement or something,  many of her measurements were actually almost half or just over half of my own measurements.   And I only had to tweek her little bodice a tiny bit afterwards.   So cool/cute.  

 Any way though,  I'm not sure if the darts on hers are going to be needed but I'll see once I've got the fabric version sewed up,  that will truly be exciting and when it happens I will be sure to post the photos.

Then I'll have to move on to the development of the sleeves as well,  that should be interesting.  As for my daughter's sloper,  I think I'll probably be adding "growing room" ease to hers any way,  like may a few inches to the side seams,  you know,  with a 1/2 " on each side,  that will do it.  Otherwise I'll make her something cute,  like a matching outfit to one of my own,  just for her to only wear it once.   That would be a bummer.   I'm thinking way ahead here,  but after designing and drafting some cool patterns for my daughter,  I can't wait to post the sewn designs on The Sewing Mamas forum.   That's going to be awesome!  I got to make the time for that for sure,  cross my son is going to school at the end of the year and I can't very well go there everyday dressed in the same frumpy clothes,  like I've been doing, it would be a disaster.  I've also got a pretty little daughter to set a good example for :)

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