Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Design Illustrations For My Patternmaking Portfolio

Here are my two illustrations for the designs I've done for my portfolio, all colored in with AdobePhotoshop,  I'm starting to really love that program.   And for all who may be interested,  I know my work is a far cry from professional,  but to get that water color wash look,  I used the "wet edges" brush option for the shape dynamicked "paint brush" I used.  Makes me wish I wouldn't have missed Ludmila Adam's free webinar tutorials for AdobePhotoshop,  you can find out about that on her Fashion Chalkboard facebook page here:  As for my two designs,  one's lingerie and the other one is summertime outer wear.   I'm both excited and intimidated by this project "...oh so cool,  so pretty and then...oh my God,  moment of truth,   will I be able to deliver excellently?"   Hehehe,  yeah,  I'll do good.   Just wish the sewing machine I've got to work with was a little better.  I'll get around it,  I usually do.

The reason I've chosen these kinds of designs for my porfolio pieces is for several things, 

1.  they can be kind of complicated to execute
2.  they are interesting
3.  they can't be so simply made from ordinary kinds of patterns, they show that I have the skills to edit,  slash and spread and even think out of the box to design/draft a pattern

And these are all things you want prospective clients to know you can do.   After these,  I'll add some normal pieces to demonstrate that I can produce balanced and even patterns.  Think I'll do a suite and a princess style slip,  with some detailing to add interest.

If you'd like to check out my fashion or eco friendly fashion resources lenses here are their links, feel free to drop me a note if you like what you see/read, I'll be happy to hear from you:
The Eco-Friendly Fashion Designer's Resource Page

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