Monday, October 25, 2010

The Lutterloh Fashion Patternmaking System

I've just got my fashion patternmaking system by Lutterloh. I'm so excited because this is the beginning of eventually moving from freelance writing to real fashion industry work.

I'm going to first put together my own one women discount fashion patternmaking service for up and coming/student fashion designers and home sewers looking for custom patterns in exchange for photos of the finished designs on the intended wearer and patternmaking credit. This will be used to build my portfolio and resume. Then when I've got enough experience that way, I'll begin creating my own design samples, adding them to my portfolio and then shopping it around to get work as a designer at either a fashion house, clothing manufacturer or for my own line of clothes.

I've just got to find out where to get a roll of some decent patternmaking paper or a couple hundred yards of good paper on a roll, hmm, I'll look into my local newspapers, maybe see if the craft shops got anything or maybe a roll of butcher paper. I'll be looking for something between 36" to 50" inches in width I should think. Michael's will be my first quarry. Thank you Lord for this awesome opportunity and thank you Grandma, for making it possible.

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